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TOEIC All Stars May 2008

1 Masaya :2008/05/20(火) 02:36:06

163 名無しさん :2008/05/25(日) 20:57:58

164 隠れクマノミ :2008/05/25(日) 20:58:19
確か、suit suited suits(4つ目忘れた)のどれかを選ぶ問題があった気がするのですが、

165 名無しさん :2008/05/25(日) 21:00:25

166 名無しさん :2008/05/25(日) 21:02:19

167 名無しさん :2008/05/25(日) 21:04:18

168 名無しさん :2008/05/25(日) 21:06:08

169 隠れクマノミ :2008/05/25(日) 21:06:20

170 名無しさん :2008/05/25(日) 21:09:44

171 名無しさん :2008/05/25(日) 21:11:08

172 名無しさん :2008/05/25(日) 21:12:46
add upかbe certainを選ぶ問題があったのですが、どちらが正解ですか?

173 バカもHOLIDAY, HOLIDAY :2008/05/25(日) 21:13:49

174 名無しさん :2008/05/25(日) 21:14:42

175 名無しさん :2008/05/25(日) 21:15:25

176 名無しさん :2008/05/25(日) 21:15:31

177 名無しさん :2008/05/25(日) 21:15:35

178 nobu :2008/05/25(日) 21:15:39

179 名無しさん :2008/05/25(日) 21:15:45
Part7 シングルパッセージのセミナーの問題の最後の答えは何ですか?
What〜is given for Mr.〜?という問題です

180 名無しさん :2008/05/25(日) 21:15:54

181 名無しさん :2008/05/25(日) 21:15:59

182 名無しさん :2008/05/25(日) 21:16:01
Part 7 の 最後の2問は適当につけたのですが、答えは何でしょうか?

183 名無しさん :2008/05/25(日) 21:16:02

184 名無しさん :2008/05/25(日) 21:16:06

185 名無しさん :2008/05/25(日) 21:16:38

186 名無しさん :2008/05/25(日) 21:16:39

187 名無しさん :2008/05/25(日) 21:18:29

188 名無しさん :2008/05/25(日) 21:18:58

189 名無しさん :2008/05/25(日) 21:19:23

190 名無しさん :2008/05/25(日) 21:21:32

191 名無しさん :2008/05/25(日) 21:23:01
Part7、stock holderへの手紙の問題で、computer を選びました。
TVが正解だったのですか? ここのところ、どなたか解説をお願いできないでしょうか。

192 エッセンスの受講生 :2008/05/25(日) 21:24:22

193 エッセンスの受講生 :2008/05/25(日) 21:25:10

194 名無しさん :2008/05/25(日) 21:29:23

195 名無しさん :2008/05/25(日) 21:33:34

196 名無しさん :2008/05/25(日) 22:05:09
computer→most explosive growth
TV→ the most popular

197 名無しさん :2008/05/25(日) 22:05:51

198 名無しさん :2008/05/25(日) 22:08:37

199 arigato :2008/05/25(日) 22:18:33
San Joseはコスタリカの地名ですよ。ヒントは、熱帯地方ということ
消去法でSan Joseになりますね。

200 名無しさん :2008/05/25(日) 22:29:13
>172 being certainとかいうのが正解だと思う。

201 名無しさん :2008/05/25(日) 23:29:45

202 rifimjbb :2012/05/07(月) 09:16:49
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204 cravate burberry :2012/10/28(日) 05:00:43
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205 operpizedeeli :2013/01/21(月) 00:49:52
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I might want to discuss supplemental about how you can understand to attract a rose in depth. You would possibly love to come across out to draw a rose in depth since you would love a rose for the tattoo or else you may need to grasp on account of the specific drawing your conducting. Regardless of the function you would like to find out to draw a rose bit by little bit the quite initial you will have to execute is get an approach inside of your head about that which you would like to accomplish even though while in the drawing.

I prefer to advocate you need to do an unfastened sketch initial preceding for you commence. Drawing loosely does have its advantages when identifying to attract a rose comprehensive or finding to attract anything for that issue weather conditions it's regarded as a rose a car or truck or maybe a constructing.

First off any time you understand to attract a rose complete assess no matter what you will be drawing just take a rose from the hand and definitely truly feel it consider the form, this genuinely is really very important as you will need to get it locked as component of your head.

Get started using a basic little bit of paper and start to conduct a no cost rough sketch. At the moment your drawing won't should be excellent in anyhow. Consider it as if you've got been a author, all you’re undertaking is placing down your difficult suggestions to start with then this will inevitably sort the premise of one's letter, book or tales. It's the exact same in conjunction with your drawings.

After your unfastened rough sketch is completed therefore you may have it down on paper you could potentially then get started off to supply points even added and start to place shading into your drawing. I generally draw my photos on A3 dimension paper to begin with, this fashion I can do modest thumbnail sketches of what I intend to attract after which rework and bolster the 1st drawing if needed.

So just after you review to draw a rose in depth you begin make investments in drawing a loose sketch within your construction and much like a sculptor would you would like to flesh out the drawing and integrate things like the thorns and leafs and stem and you simply simply just will get started to check out the drawing arrive to existence.

This method should not be skipped in almost any case in just about any drawing you propose to undertake after you will identify it is doable to make plenty of drawings by performing this, drawings that you simply just maybe would not of arrive up with during the initially location for people who did not do free sketches.

206 Comyattar :2013/02/01(金) 05:50:50
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They variety of gem is usually a little something people will not give a great deal consideration; lots of people instantly suppose a diamond is the gem they ought to opt for. It really is true that a diamond signifies tradition and many imagine it to generally be the image of affection everlasting. However, there are many men and women nowadays who are deciding upon additional contemporary variations and gems. Emeralds, rubies, and sapphires are all getting an more and more well-liked modern preference. Affordable rings usually benefit from the aesthetic beauty of such colorful gems, set up of the classic colorless diamond.

The shape in the gem can decrease the price of your ring. There are various designs to pick from, when looking at reasonably priced rings, among the them: oval, radiant, asscher, emerald, marquise, heart, princess trilliant, round, and pear. Picking a condition that makes the gem appear bigger than it is actually (such as the marquis or emerald lower) will allow people to invest in a more compact diamond whenever they want. A scaled-down carat fat will also reduced the price of the ring. Affordable engagement rings also commonly employ white gold above platinum for the ring band metal. Platinum is desired, but if cost is surely an situation white gold might be substituted; the bare eye cannot inform the main difference in between platinum and white gold.

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