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Further the Restoration
>Poverty Control Laws
Reward: +2000

in the wake of revolution in France,our nobles and ministers strongly
urge us to prevent the breeding of sedition amongst the common
subjects,which was surely the cause of such outrageous insolence.
Putting them into a place where they can serve their king efficiently
will not only keep their minds from rebellion and subversion,but also
increase the size of our war coffers.

2 misson Issued
Reformation of the Army 軍の改革
Drill School 軍事訓練学校
Reward: Experience for all land units すべての陸軍に経験値+1

It is evident that our last defeat at the hands of the French was not due
to our skill and cunning,or the morale of our troops - quite the
opposite in fact. It is only due to advances in technology and
organisation that such common plebeians could have defeated our
valiant royal armies. We have learned this lesson bitterly, and must take
action at once to prevent another embarrassing disaster. Currently we
are at peace,and should use this time to enhance our recruitment capabilities

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3 mission Issued
>Forging an Alliance 同盟せよ
Prussia ここに相手の国名が入ります
Reward: +1000

The warmonger, Napoleon, has set about usurping territory from all the
great nations of Europe and must be stopped. While others stand wiht
us against France, the Kingdom of Prussia has yet to join our coalition.
Should their domain fall into the hands of the French, nothing would
stand between Napoleon and the Montherland; institute a military
alloance with Prussia that we may support one another in the face of
invasion from the west!

4 mission lssued
The march on Vienna オーストリアの首都ウィーンでの行進
Capture citi: Klagenfurt

Mon General! Now that you have assumed command of the Armee
d'Italie, you must prepare for the invasion of Austria. As we speak, our
forces in the Rhineland are readying to advance into the Tyrol. If we are
to have any hope of seizing Vienna, we must be in a position to support
our forces when the time comes.

To this end, we have been charged by the Directoire to invade Carinthia
and capture Klagenfurt, from whence we will be able to stage our
glorious march on Vienna!

3 ボクサー :2010/03/23(火) 01:28:48
5 mission Issued
Breaking the Mameluke Resistance
Capture city: Cario
Reward: +2000

Nominally administrators of the ottoman Empire, these former slave
soldiers factually rule Egypt. It is under the guise of liberating Egypt
from their grasp that we have come here. Although we did not fool the
Ottomans for long, breaking the Mamelukes' fighting spirit is still our
top priority. By capturing Cairo, we should reduce their army in status
to a mere nuisance, and Egypt will at last be ours!

6 mission Issued
>The Fall of Austria
Capture city: Vienna
Reward: Austria will be compelled make peace.

Mon Empereur! Once more the European nations have joined forces in
the hope of putting an end to the mighty Franch Empire. Their
incessant interference wiht our grand designs must be put to an end.

Austria, having never learned the futility of challenging our great and
powerful nation, stands ready to invade our eastern borders as we
speak, No more will we tolerate such antagonism; conquer Vienna and
break the so-called might of the Austrian Empire once and for all!

7 Mission Issued
Punishing the Collaborators 共同研究者の処罰
Capture city: Stuttgart 場所
Reward: +1000
Grants a unit of : German Fusiliers

Once proud members of the Holy Roman Empire, the states of Baden
and wurttemberg have now fallen under the sway of that insolent
parvenu, Napoleon Bonaparte. Being confronted with superior forces is
not an excuse for such dishonourable behaviour. If our blessed Duke
Leopold had been equally treacherous, Austria would not be what it is
today, Liberating these states from occupation and nepotism will not
only prove our might, but might well spark an insurgence by those who
still have the guts to fight.

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Basic Roads 基本的な道路

+4 per turn town wealth in the region  ターン毎に町の収入+4
Improves campaign map movement speed キャンペーンのマップの移動速度改善
+1% to the replenishment rate in this region この地域に+1%補充率を上げる

Roads improve communications within a region: goods and, more importantly, armies
can move at a better speed along maintained roads.

Some effort is put into maintaining the main roads, improving the carriageway and
providing working drainage for rainwater. If nothing else, the building of roads is a
useful way of getting some value from the feckless, workshy, and undeserving poor.
Honest men who pay their taxes expect some return for their support of the naturally
indolent and the unfortunates who have been thrown out of work.

Historically, there was also a military imperative to improve roads, even if the change
was from a rutted cart track to a smooth cart track. Troops and artillery require good
roads for strategic redeployments and rapid responses to enemy or rebellious activity. It
is far easier to haul artillery pieces along any kind of road rather than across country.
With the Enlightenment’s conscious harking back to the Classical era, there was also a
desire to emulate the achievements of Rome, even in something as small as roadways.

7 ボクサー :2010/04/15(木) 01:16:56
Cobbled Roads 石で整備された道
+8 per turn town wealth in the region  ターン毎に町の収入+8
Improves campaign map movement speed キャンペーンのマップの移動速度改善
+3% to the replenishment rate in this region この地域に+3%補充率を上げる

These well-built roads, surfaced with stone, are able to carry much heavy traffic,
including military forces.

Making a cobbled road is an incredibly laborious business. Each small paving stone must
be shaped, placed and mortared into position. If done properly, the road also requires
foundations, a carefully judged camber to carry away rainwater, and drainage. The end
result is a fine road that is extremely durable, but not very comfortable: cobbles can be
hellishly bumpy!

in practice the expense of cobbling a road, and the attractive finish that cobbles
produced, meant that the surface was only used where the nobility or propertied classes
were likely to see or use it. The great and the good could hardly be expected to wallow
along in the mud and horse dung like common folk! The poor did, however, find a use
for cobbles: lifted from the road, they were a perfect fist-sized lump of rock for hurling
at the unpopular representatives of law and order. In his later years, the Duke of
Wellington, by then the British Prime Minister, was not called the “Iron Duke” for his
military qualities, but thanks to his carriage’s iron shutters, there to protect him from
the many rocks that were chucked in his direction!


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